Trouble in Paradise

10 Jul

Picture of three men in Teen Challenge program
“Tres Amigos” (three friends) in the Teen Challenge program

Trouble in Paradise

Heaven’s Family’s drug rehab ministry salvages souls in the Caribbean

Dear Family,

A certain communist Caribbean island off the coast of Florida may bring to mind lush beauty, white sands and clear water. But behind the mask of alluring beauty, the rot of many lost souls putrefies. Alcoholism has become the anesthesia for many who have lost hope from struggling under the paralyzing poverty of that nation’s godless socialism. Even some of the most prominent members of their hard-pressed communities turn to the bottle when they find their horizons devoid of promise and their sense of purpose daunted by the futility of their efforts to rise above poverty and meaningless existence.

The establishment of the island’s first Teen Challenge (a drug rehab program started in the US for youths, but now reaching all ages) has brought renewed hope and a restored reason for living to participants who are learning of their value and importance to God as His cherished children. Most have already been through many government programs, but those secular de-toxification and counseling attempts have only provided momentary relief from their drinking problems (drugs are much too expensive for the majority of citizens who make only about $18 a month). By helping them renew their minds and ways of behaving according to the Lord’s plan for them, the Teen Challenge men are experiencing long-term sobriety, much to the amazement of their families and communities.

A Prison & Rehab Ministry partner, who I will call Alec for his protection, has had so many requests for other alcohol-addicted men and women to join Teen Challenge, that the waiting list is long. For this reason, they have been working diligently to expand their facility to double their occupancy, and hope to establish dorms for women soon.

Construction has almost completed on a new vocational building wherein program participants will be trained for work so that they can have the dignity of supporting themselves once again. If you’d like to help us buy tools and machinery to make this possible, click here.

Picture of men in front of vocational building under construction
Our Teen Challenge compadres in front of the vocational building while construction was underway (now completed)

This work of spiritual regeneration in the heart of one of the world’s few remaining communist nations is a reflection of the revival that is occurring in many parts of the island, but especially in the prisons where chaplains supported by Heaven’s Family are bringing hope and restoring families. The Malachi Dads program (a restoration program for prisoners, started by Awana in the US) is reuniting fathers with their children and discipling them in the ways of the Lord (and hopefully helping to keep them from following in the wayward steps of their fathers—and prison).

We are so grateful to all of you who pray for and financially support the Prison & Rehab Ministry, as our partners bring the hurting and lost souls the Good News of resurrected life and promise for the future. You are an integral part of the Lord’s work!

May God richly bless you,

Bob Collins
Director, Prison & Rehab Ministry

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