Two Children in Heaven

10 Aug

precious orphans who diedTwo precious little girls, now with the Lord

Dear Compassionate Friends,

The news we receive from the orphanages we help is not always good. Last month was one of those months, as we sadly learned that two of our orphans in Myanmar, pictured above, died of malaria. Although both Chery and Din Dolh Lian were still waiting for sponsors, they benefitted by your love, as they lived in orphanages with children who were sponsored. As you know, your monthly gifts benefit the entire orphanage where your child lives. Chery lived at Peace Orphanage in Kalyamyo and Din Dolh Lian lived at Shalom Orphanage in Yangon.

Although we are saddened by their deaths, we are glad that they are now in Heaven with Jesus. They were being raised by dedicated Christians, something that was also made possible by your compassion. Please pray that the remaining children in Peace and Shalom orphanages will be comforted by the Holy Spirit in knowing their departed friends are in a better place, a place where we will all one day be reunited.

Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that kills as many as 2.7 million people around the globe each year. Sleeping under mosquito netting is one way to significantly reduce one’s risk of being infected, but sadly, a three-dollar mosquito net is out of the financial reach of millions of people living in developing nations. The deaths of Chery and Dim Dolh Lian have awakened us to the need to provide netting for all 1,000 children who live in the orphanages we help, and so we’ve pledged to provide $3,000 USD for mosquito nets. (I just learned this morning that 20 of our orphans are currently hospitalized with malaria.) If you would like to help us in that endeavor, just let us know. Just mark any special gift to Orphan’s Tear with the words, “Mosquito Nets.” Or, you can make a donation online. Thanks so much.

Just a reminder to all who participate in our auto-debit program: We deducted your monthly gift today. If you are not part of the auto-debit program and would like to join, see the note at the end of this e-mail.

If you have not yet visited our new I Was Hungry website, which features many of our special orphanage projects, take a look when you can!

In closing, below are a few unedited excerpts from e-mails we’ve recently received from grateful orphanage directors. Thanks for filling their joy.

For the Children,


From the director of Canaan Orphanage:

We and the children have observed a three day fasting with prayer meeting the last week espeially focused on all our sponsors a round the States. May God bless every one of the sponsors is our sincere prayer. Our children have parctising a platform ministry with distributing christian tracts on evry satuarday.

And from Faith Orphanage, whom we just helped with a new kitchen:

Because of your help we are no worry for especially, food, cloths, school fees and others expenses. And now especially the living standard of our children their health are improving a lot. Thank you once again.

And from Goshen Orphanage:

We received you love gift the wiped out the tears of our orphans. We went to say thank you for such a great concern for these orphans who even hardly tasted coffee and bread. Now each of them are having their daily wonderful breakfast may the lord bless you more in your ministry…Since you help us our children get a better cloths, better food and health…We will never forget what ever you have done for us.

And finally, from Love in Action Orphanage:

Before we got your grant our children were deficient in vitamin but with your grant they are now in sound health. Though we received letters from you we cannot write English we cannot give you pront reply. I hope you will forgive me. We can manage the children home because of your kind grant. We are so grate ful for it. What we can do for you in to pray for daily. May I repeat that we always pray for you. May God bless you.


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  • Philip

    This is so terrible… I do believe that these children are in Heaven… How old were they?

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