Two-Wheeled Secret Agent

23 Dec

A bicycle is the best undercover transportation mode for distributing aid inside North Korea

Two-Wheeled Secret Agent

Infiltrating North Korea for Jesus

Dear Friends,

Charity looks over her shoulder again at the cart she strapped to her bicycle. She double-checks all the connections, but each bump in the road gives her concern for her precious cargo. The small sacks of rice, oil, soap and medicine remain secure, however, so she breathes a sigh of relief. Back in her village, 30 North Korean Christian families are waiting patiently for her return—they depend on it.

Charity is one of Heaven’s Family’s underground partners working inside North Korea. For years, she has journeyed to a secret distribution point near the Chinese border to pick up food and other relief supplies many of you provide through your generous gifts to the North Korean Christians Ministry. Charity then takes up the risky task of delivering these aid packets to the Christian families in her community.

The dangers of her ministry are real; each time Charity makes the long bike ride she is reminded of what she risks. It has been only a few years since frightened neighbors turned in her sister’s family to authorities after they discovered they were Christians.

Charity’s bravery has produced incredible fruit among the community she serves. In this impoverished country, her village is considered among the poorest. But the thriving underground church she is a part of is growing as each new family receiving her aid packets comes to Christ.

Even orphaned street children have found refuge through Charity’s care. Over the years, she has provided many nights of lodging and warm meals to kids who knock on her door. In a country where most doors remain closed and dark to orphans in need, her home has become a beacon of light.

Charity knows that her ministry is only possible because you have cared enough to join her story. Thank you for being a hero to the underground church she serves through the North Korean Christians Ministry.

Because of Him,

Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Ministry

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