Under Surveillance

Image of family that has been reached with the gospelA family who had never heard the gospel until you helped Seth to reach them

Under Surveillance

Advancing the kingdom under constant scrutiny

Dear Family,

“I wonder if this quarantine facility is anything like the re-education camps so prevalent here,” Seth Li though to himself. Seth, one of our team members, had traveled deep into Xinjiang Province before being quarantined because of COVID-19 protocols. “Maybe they will put me in a re-education camp, just as they have done to millions of Uighur people and Christians, when I get out of quarantine,” he wondered.

As the days went by, Seth said to the Lord, “I don’t care if I get persecuted, imprisoned or even killed— I’ve been in prison before for preaching the gospel. No matter the cost, I will go.”

Happily, Seth was soon released from quarantine and on his way again to preach the gospel and encourage the saints in China’s most persecuted province. In modern China, you’re always being watched—by camera if not in person. Nearly 600 million sophisticated security cameras are functioning across the country. This surveillance makes ministry very difficult.

Believers’ homes and phones are constantly searched. Churches have been closed, forcing Christians to meet in secret. If Bibles are found, they are immediately confiscated. Many believers have been imprisoned.

Your investments in Heaven’s Family’s Unreached People Groups Ministry had enabled Seth and his team to travel to Xinjiang. After being released from quarantine, Seth boldly preached the gospel in unreached areas. His team encouraged saints throughout the province. Stories of the plight of Christians in Xinjiang caused Seth to weep. The thing they truly desired was Bibles.

Not only did you help send Seth and his team to Xinjiang but you also equipped them with 100 Bibles and 30 audio Bibles for the illiterate. Thank you for sending Bibles to new and hungry believers, who were overcome with joy to receive God’s Word.

Image of the director of the Unreached People Groups Ministry

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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