Undercover Eddy

Eddy offers a North Korean worker an aid packet

Dear Friends,

For years, undercover missionaries have risked their lives to bring the gospel message inside the closed borders of North Korea. But now the unimaginable is happening…North Korea is coming to us.

In an effort to salvage its failing economy, North Korea has begun loaning its work force to other countries at grueling manual labor sites. The greedy government then taxes the workers wages by up to 90%. In spite of these dreadful conditions, many men sign up for the program, knowing it may be the only opportunity to provide for their starving families back home.

Brother Eddy, a long time friend, is a pastor of a small church near one of the work sites in an undisclosed country. Recognizing the unique opportunity that had presented itself, he and his team began distributing aid packs consisting of food, warm clothes, medicine, and hygiene products, which most workers struggle to afford. Also included in each aid pack is a small Korean New Testament and a story of a North Korean family who found freedom through Christ.

The efforts of Eddy’s team have not been without resistance. The work sites are guarded by North Korean officials who restrict any outside contact. Even so, God has opened many secret opportunities to speak one-on-one with the workers as Eddy shares the tangible gift of Jesus’ love through the aid packets.

Your gifts to the North Korean Christians Fund have enabled Eddy to expand his ministry to 5 new work sites, giving hope to hundreds of North Korean men who are hearing about Christ for the first time—and many in turn will eventually bring the Good News back to their families at home. Light is indeed pushing back the darkness.

With gratitude,

Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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