Unstoppable Education

06 Mar

Picture of parents in Guatemala receiving educational packetsParents receiving educational packets to continue their children’s education during COVID-19 shutdowns

Unstoppable Education

You’ve enabled Guatemalan children to keep learning

Dear Family,

In a typical year, teachers at the Libre Infancia School in Guatemala face seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Teaching children in a drug-addled, crime-ridden shantytown surrounding Central America’s largest garbage dump is not for the faint of heart. Then BOOM, out of nowhere, came a worldwide pandemic. Who would blame them if they chose to give up and walk away?

But these dedicated teachers don’t give up, they look up!—to our great heavenly Father who has never forsaken them. In a recent letter, the school’s staff writes to you:

This year we have all faced many challenges; these have made us stronger and increased our faith. We thank the people who have supported us as we continue carrying out the educational program in a comprehensive way.

Your faithful prayers and gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Education Ministry enable the teachers at Libre Infancia to continue their service. You’ve also provided educational materials to children who desperately need them.

Thank you for providing the priceless gift of an education to students in Guatemala and elsewhere in the world. You are changing the trajectory of their future! To God be ALL the glory!

Michelle Skocz
Director, Education Ministry

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