Update from Emmanuel and Love and Mercy Orphanage in Yangon

09 May

Update from Emmanuel and Love and Mercy Orphanage in Yangon

We just received this report from Emmanuel Orphanage in Yangon:


Praise the Lord! We have just escaped from the Nargis Cyclone which took hold many lives in Yangon city. The scourge has brought us into a world of depression, loneliness, rejection, helplessness and deprivation of food, water and electricity. The Cyclone took away the roof ( tin plates) of our rented house and the front fence was badly destroyed. The ground floor of our house got flooded and brought about a lot of diseases to our family. Five of our children are affected with diarrhea. The practical problems that strike our lives: non-availability of food to eat, pure drinking water to drink and water to use, electricity, and the sky high prices of goods in the city. It has been five days that the Cyclone struck , but the house owner did not come to repair our house. We live in a ruinous house! What we have like food and water, we give it to others who are in dire need and now it is running out! Our orphanage has 30 family members. To live a day for our family is now overwhelming and nothing is done to our rescue and rehabilitation so far. I do not know how long we can live as the effect of the Cyclone is overloading for us to carry on! We strongly keep the faith! I pray that God speaks to your hearts and be a life-rescuer to these Cyclone struck people of my country. I want to send you photos but I could not do it because of the slow of internet connection! Thank you for your concern for our lives and ministries in Myanmar. We are now in urgent need of your personal prayer, sympathetic and humanitarian help!


From Love and Mercy:


We are saved by the grace of God and your prayer supporting. As you said, our house is strong and we have generator these are God had prepared for us. So I thanks God and praise to Him. The roof were swept away.Please pray for us that we are struggling for water. We have generator but it could not pump the water so we really need the engine and compressor. Thank you brother, now we really need your help and prayer.

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