Update from Shalom Orphanage in Yangon

07 May

Shalom Orphanage in Yangon reports that they are well, but their building was damaged:

Dear Charity,

How are u? I am greeting from Yangon Shalom Children Home. As you know we faced hard weather. But by the grace of God we all are fine. Only our bamboo house and campus are broken. Thank for your prayer for my children and my country. God bless you. Please pray for us.


Shalom Children Home


Update: We have received more information on Shalom Orphanage from our contact there. She writes that the children of Shalom are all fine, but that their temporary bamboo house is “broken.” We were almost done with the construction for a new building for Shalom orphanage, and we were happy to hear that the new building made it through the storm.

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