Urgent Medical Need

Even through her hardships, Cin San Kim is still smiling.

Dear Friends,

Isn’t Cin San Kim beautiful? While I am now comfortable back at home, my thoughts often return to my recent trip to Myanmar. I was looking over my trip notes the other day and came across some important words I had written about Cin San kim—notes about her urgent medical need.

Cin San Kim came to Mephiboseth Orphanage just last September. Her parents died 12 years ago from HIV, and she inherited the disease from them. Because of her weakened immune system, an eye infection blinded her left eye. Doctors fear that the infection will spread, robbing her of sight in her right eye as well. To halt the infection, they want to replace her diseased left eye with a glass one.

She has to travel to neighboring India soon to have her surgery. The $2,370 required is well beyond the reach of the orphanage directors.

Thus I have put a special project on our website to give you the chance to save this little girl’s right eye, before it is too late. Any size gift will help! Just click here to help!

God bless you!

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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