03 Aug

A displaced family grieves


Torrential flooding wreaks havoc, displaces thousands, and threatens many with disease and starvation

Dear Friends,

Much is said in the news lately about the drought in California, but not much is reported about the devastating floods now inundating southern Asia. Our partners in Myanmar, a poor nation into which Heaven’s Family has heavily invested for many years through orphanages and a multitude of other projects, have been reporting to us and sending photos of the devastation. Here are a few…

Torrential rains have flooded vast regions, washed out bridges and roads, and burst dams

Saturated ground has created many mudslides, taking homes, blocking roads, and burying victims alive

A mudslide in Hakha, the capital city of Chin State, destroyed several buildings.

Here are the words of one of our contacts:

Chin State [in western Myanmar] is experiencing the worst natural calamity ever in its history! The three days monsoon storm followed by cyclone Gomen have been pouring torrential rain for 8 days now, making widespread landslides across the land. Just in the capital Hakha, hundreds of houses have collapsed, thousands of people have been displaced. Since all the roads are cut off, there is severe food shortage. No man can go in or out. A few minutes ago I was told that a bag of rice (50 kg) costs 110000 Ks, jumping five times from last week! Water and power supply have been cut off due to landslides. Only A few landline phones are working! People are so terrified and traumatised. I was just told by phone that the big hill above the city is sliding down, which may cover up the 2 acres big dam just near it quickly, that may flood and sweep away part of the city! …Please join me to pray for my home state.

We’ll be working on a plan to provide emergency food and other supplies to the neediest in these areas as soon as possible. If you want to help by contributing to the Disaster Relief Fund, please click here.

Please pray for our beloved partners especially, and for all the people who are affected. Pray also that a way will be found to provide relief very soon in the days ahead.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund

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