Urgent Prayer Request

Henry with his wife, Mawi Te, their daughter, Monica, and the children of Faith Orphanage.

Yesterday, a dear friend and orphanage director, Henry Van Biak, died from an accident while fishing. He was the director of Faith Orphanage in Kalaymyo, Myanmar and leaves behind 4 young children, a wife, and 23 orphans.

While we know he is in heaven with Jesus, it will be difficult for the people who love him to overcome their grief. Please pray for his family, friends, and the children of Faith Orphanage.


Elisabeth Walter


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  • Cherie

    I discovered Faith Orphanage earlier today while doing research. A dear friend sent a global prayer request for Myanmar regarding the terrible treatment of its citizens. As I studied the details of the country I was lead to Faith Orphanage via an internet link through Heavens Family. My heart was touched my thoughts and prayers are with the children as well as those who serve them at this wonderful home. It wouldnt be until later this afternoon that I would learn of the accident of Director Henry last December. My heart is broken for your loss. It would be far too long a story to tell you the many ways I identify with your loss. Please tell Mawi Te that I will be in prayer for her continuosly and for the care of her children and the orphanage as well. God is going to move mightily for this little peice of heaven on earth very soon. In Christ. Be blessed

  • Shun

    Praying for you guys. May God bless.

  • Sally

    Will be praying for Pastor’s family and the orphans. Great things will come out of this. May God bless this orphanage of all its needs. Peace and comfort be with all of you. Amen.

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