Urine Fertilizer Sheet

20 Sep

Urine Fertilizer Sheet

Urine Fertilizer Sheet in English - brought to you by the Farming God's Way Ministry of Heaven's Family

A Urine Fertilizer Sheet for Farmers

People have used animal and human feces to fertilize crops for centuries because manure contains many vitamins that plants need.

What most people don’t know is that the majority of beneficial nutrients leave human and animal bodies through urine rather than through feces, and the majority of urine is pathogen-free. People in the developed and developing world are beginning to use this untapped nutrient potential to fertilize crops with great success. It is currently being tried all over West Africa.

The following PDF will teach you how to collect urine in a modified jug and turn it into fertilizer in a safe and cheap manner. Click the link below to view the PDF.

Download the Urine Fertilizer Sheet as a PDF

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