A Vision Fulfilled

Image of Farming God's Way trainer in RwandaOur trainer Peter (far left) visiting Sibaomana (gray shirt) in his field, along with Sibaomana’s wife, daughter, and other God’s Love Group members

A Vision Fulfilled

Successful model farms become a powerful outreach tool

Dear Family,

Thank you for helping to bring to fruition a vision we laid out in December 2018. We knew that the most effective way to produce more trainers and disciple makers was to help our trainers acquire land and build model farms. Here’s an example of the result.

My name is Sibaomana Christophe. I have a wife and three children. We live near Peter’s Farming God’s Way model farm. After seeing FGW practiced, I got excited and asked for more information. Peter invited me to Karama (in south Rwanda) for the “Come and See” field day program and FGW training. After spending two days with the team in the south, I came back with a good vision for what my farm could look like.

In my first implementation, I prepared one small plot and got six bags of non-shelled maize. Comparing that to the 10 bags I used to get from the entire land, I decided to follow FGW wholeheartedly. Despite the fact that people burned my God’s blanket, I stayed strong in my heart.

For my second attempt, I doubled the work but the weather didn’t allow me to harvest a good product. I stayed joyful because of the secret I saw in FGW. Now, the third time, I worked the entire land, which is very rocky. Many were surprised by the excellent results.

My maize is standing tall while other people’s is struggling. The neighbors are now asking me to teach them what I have learned. This opens the door for more training in this area and the opportunity to share the Word of God that Peter taught us. I am committed to following up with those who join God’s Love Groups.

I hope my family’s transformation will also transform others.

The harvest is ripe and the Lord is sending laborers like Peter and Sibaomana into the fields through you. Thank you for changing lives through Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way Ministry!

Image of the director of the Farming God's Way Ministry

Jerry Jefferson

Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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