Visiting Our Indian Orphanages

10 Nov

Visiting Our Indian Orphanages

Indian orphanI just returned from India last Thursday, after conducting a pastors’ conference there and visiting orphanages. It was such a joy to visit a total of nine orphanages, some of which we are already helping and some of which need our help. I took quite of few photographs of children whom we already sponsor and of new children who need sponsorship.I was able to visit most of the children that we sponsor in India, and I intend to send short individual reports to every sponsor of an Indian child by the end of the year. And in a few days I’ll be in Burma visiting all the orphanages that we support there, and I intend to send an individual report to every sponsor of a Burmese child before the middle of January. With almost 400 orphans currently sponsored, this will take a little time. But I want you to know that all the children we support in India are doing well in every way.The primary ministry in India with which we have partnered has pioneered a unique model for orphanages called “Mercy Homes.” Mercy Homes are overseen by a pastor and his wife who normally have no children of their own, or whose children are grown. They take ten orphans or other unwanted children into their small home, and they become a family. Every child receives individual attention from his or her Mercy Home parents and is raised in the Lord.One Mercy Home that I visited was overseen by a pastor and his wife who attempted to pioneer a church in a Hindu village about a year ago. They suffered significant opposition from the villagers, and there were no Christians in the village. But when they rented a small home and took in ten orphaned and unwanted little boys, the attitude of the Hindu villagers changed. Seeing this demonstration of compassion softened their hearts. The pastor told me that fifty people now gather in his home every week for church, and that he will be baptizing forty former Hindus next month! So Mercy Homes not only rescue children, but also adults, saving them from their sins!

Christmas Presents for Our Orphans

orphan photo If you don’t know what to get the people on your Christmas list this year who already have everything, I have an idea for you. Why not provide a Christmas gift for an orphan in their honor? We’ve designed a very nice Christmas gift card just for that purpose, and whatever amount that you designate will be acknowledged in the card. We can mail gift cards to either yourself or directly to your gift recipient. All of the special gifts we receive will be combined and divided equally among our orphans so that all of them will receive at least one gift this year for Christmas, most likely something practical like shoes or clothing.orphan photoYou can view and order your cards by simply filling out a short form and making your donation by credit card or by mailing a check. It is quite simple. We’ll be mailing every card by December 15th, provided that you’ve requested yours by the 14th. This is one way to bring Christ back into Christmas, and also a means whereby others can learn about the work of Orphan’s Tear. Thanks so very much. Have a blessed Thanksgiving this week. For the children’s sake, David

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