Visiting the Panda Park

28 Feb

Though fake, it is still fun to get your picture taken with some paper pandas!

For children in Myanmar, education is usually the highest priority—and seen as their only hope for escaping poverty. In addition to their normal school classes, teachers encourage children to sign up for the extra credit classes. If they fail final exams, they often have to repeat the entire grade. Thus, with having to study hard and do their daily chores, the children have little time left for play.

So, when the children of Life Concern Orphanage received a much-needed break from their school work, they hurried with excitement to the park. There they found paper pandas and, as everyone knows, you must have your picture taken with paper pandas! They also had great fun exploring and playing on the park’s playground equipment.

For the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

A day at the park: Younger children enjoyed a different type of seesaw, and some older kids explored some fake caves (perhaps that’s where the fake pandas came from?)

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