Volcanic Crisis in Guatemala

06 Jun

Volcanic Crisis in Guatemala

Volcanic Crisis in Guatemala

Volcanic eruptions in this Central American nation bring death and destruction

Dear Family,

A few weeks ago the volcanic eruption in Hawaii made the news. Many of us watched as homes, swimming pools and cars were consumed by creeping lava. Thankfully there has been no loss of life.

Then came the eruption of De Fuego volcano in Guatemala last week. As of this writing, 75 are dead and 200 are missing. Unlike the Hawaiian eruption, its Guatemalan cousin’s has been explosive, pouring millions of tons of ash into the air and onto surrounding communities, many of which are extremely poor. Many were surrounded by clouds of ash with little warning, reducing visibility and causing most victims to suffocate.

Thankfully, Heaven’s Family has a partner who lives just a few miles from the affected area. I’ve been in touch with him and have learned that repeated eruptions are making rescue efforts difficult. We want to give him and his staff the resources they need to respond to victims in the days ahead. Safe water, food and shelter are among the most urgent needs at this time.

I’ll be sending him emergency response funds early next week. If you’d like to take part in this effort, click here. I know we’ll be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are affected, as well as show the love of God to softened hearts that He is opening during this crisis.

Thanks for your prayers,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry


In case you’ve missed it, here are some additional photos of the eruption this past week from internet news outlets

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