Waiting with Hope

Some North Korean villages are very close to the Chinese border, as is the one in this photo, but border guards and land mines deter escape attempts, not to mention Chinese police and bounty hunters

Dear Friends,

Mrs. Jung has escaped twice from North Korea into China. She was captured both times, however, by secret police in China and returned to North Korea, where she has spent months suffering in prison camps for her “crime.”

During Mrs. Jung’s first escape she met Wing, a Chinese-Korean man, who offered her shelter in his apartment. In that arrangement, one thing led to another, and Mrs. Jung found herself in love and then pregnant.

Four months into her pregnancy, however, Mrs. Jung was discovered and turned over to North Korean authorities. She and her unborn child managed to survive three brutal months in prison, and she was released with the warning of a more severe punishment if she attempted to defect again.

Approaching full-term, however, Mrs. Jung knew that she had to return to China—her child’s future depended upon it. Her daring effort was successful, and she was reunited with her lover. Their baby, whom they named Gil, was born just days later.

When Gil was 2 years old, however, Mrs. Jung was again discovered by Chinese police and deported to North Korea—but without her son. And this time, North Korean authorities kept their promise of more severe punishment. Released years later, she has since been kept under tight surveillance, making future escapes very difficult.

Gil, now 13, still lives in China with his father, Wing. He has not seen his mother since her deportation. Wing has recently contacted some of our partners who serve along the North Korean border, and they have agreed to include Mrs. Jung in a food aid distribution network that is funded in part through gifts to our North Korean Christians Fund. They’ve also smuggled an illegal cell phone to her so that the family can communicate on a limited basis.

Although life is hard for Mrs. Jung, she is receiving food aid, and she has certainly been exposed to the gospel through her contact with the believers in our food aid network, although we don’t know if she has responded yet in repentance and faith. Please pray for her!

Hoping with Mrs. Jung,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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