Washing Persecution Away

18 Jan

Washing Persecution Away

Image of villager with clean waterA beaming Lydia at the water source that changed her village’s attitude toward Jesus

Washing Persecution Away

Safe water causes a hostile village to appreciate the gospel

Dear Family,

Lydia (name changed to protect her identity) cried when the Hindu priest cursed her and her sister. He even tried to beat them. Lydia and her sister’s crime? They had shared the gospel of Jesus in their north Indian village.

Despite the scary encounter, Lydia said, “We came home, forgave him, and prayed for him.” This was not an uncommon occurrence for Lydia. She said that many in the village hated her because of her faith in Jesus.

But then everything changed. Because of you, her village got something they had never had before—access to clean water in their village. The village associated this blessing with the Christians and Lydia instantly felt the difference. “Whenever we knocked on doors to share the gospel,” she explained, “they opened the door and accepted us. There are so many new believers now.”

Thank you so much for showing the love of Jesus and providing safe water to Lydia’s village through your investments in Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry!

Image of the director of the Safe Water Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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