Waterproof Kitchen!

The smiling children standing in front of the orphanage's new kitchenEmmanuel Orphanage’s new kitchen, including a covered dining area, near completion!

Unless your kitchen is in your basement, you probably never have to worry about it flooding. Emmanuel Orphanage’s kitchen, however, had a dirt floor and an old, leaky thatched roof. And because they live in a tropical country that receives heavy monsoon rains, they often had trouble starting a cooking fire or keeping it going so that they could feed their children.

Thanks to five people who gave to Orphan’s Tear’s Special Projects Fund, however, we provided them with a new kitchen. As you can see, the children will not be going to school hungry anymore because of flooding! The kitchen also includes a roomy eating area that can be used for many other activities when it’s raining or to get out from under the heat of the tropical sun.

The children standing in front of the orphanage's old kitchen with an old thatched roofEmmanuel Orphanage’s old kitchen wouldn’t have lasted much longer

On behalf of the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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