The children of Love and Mercy Shelter singing some Christmas carols with their new clothes!

We did it! With your help, we reached our goal of providing new clothes to all of the children living in Orphan’s Tear-sponsored orphanages! I included some of the directors’ thanks to you below!

All the children are very happy and excited to wear their new Christmas clothes. Especially our new boy Lal Rin Muan is happiest among his brothers. I think he might never wear such a cloth in his life. Sometimes when I think of the orphans’ lives, I used to cry secretly. I hope every one who donate their Christmas clothes will be more blessed than ever because the children are more excited to pray for the sponsors. – Sonny, Director of Beulah Orphanage in Kalaymyo, Myanmar

Last December, God is so good and we received many blessings for our children. As Parents, we sometime worry to buy new clothing during this time. But God is so faithful and all children got new clothes and really enjoyed the Christmas day. – Tha Cung Bik, Director of Zion Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar

Children in Agape were bought beautiful clothes in this Merry Christmas time. It was because of you and they really thanked all of you for your great love upon them. They were so happy because they got beautiful new clothes. So they wore their clothes in going picnic and celebrating Christmas party at Local Church. – Hannah Soe, Director of Agape Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar

Thank you so much for sharing the love of Jesus to these children this Christmas. Make sure you take a look at the pictures below to see a few of the children in their new Christmas clothes!

On behalf of the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

The children of Mercy Children’s Home with their bright clothes and bright smiles!

The children of Goshen Orphanage waving to the people who made their Christmas special

Several of the children at Living Hope Orphanage needed some sandals, so they received those as well!

Mawte, the girl in the purple on the right, sure looks happy! Thank you from Beulah Orphanage!

The children of Life Concern Orphanage even got some colorful crocks to go along with their new shirts!

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