Weeding Out Cultural Christians

28 Apr

Weeding Out Cultural Christians

No comparison!

Weeding Out Cultural Christians

Bringing about spiritual change in Africa one crop at a time

Dear Friends,

Look at the photos above that compare Farming God’s Way cotton fields in Africa growing next to traditional cotton fields. Both fields were planted with the same seeds on or about the same day. The amazing results powerfully demonstrate the benefits of Farming God’s Way methods. Yet, in spite of dramatic comparisons like these, most poor African subsistence farmers staunchly continue to farm with traditional, unproductive methods. Why?

The reason is fear—fear of reprisals from dead ancestors whom they believe will put curses on them if they depart from the old ancestral ways of farming. Although most sub-Saharan African nations are nominally Christian, the sad truth is that Jesus has not truly been honored as Lord throughout the continent. As a result, many Africans are merely cultural Christians who mix Christianity with ancestor worship, witchcraft, voodoo and ungodly tribal traditions. It is no wonder that God has withheld His blessing from much of the continent.

For that reason Farming God’s Way is a disciple-making ministry that is obedient to Jesus’ charge to “make disciples of every nation, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matt 28:19-20). That’s why FGW is much more than an excellent agricultural method—it’s the Great Commission implemented among poor subsistence farmers whom God blesses abundantly.

Hmm…would you prefer the tall, healthy FGW corn behind the farmers at left, or the stunted, traditionally cultivated corn on the right?

By also “planting” God’s Love Groups among participating FGW farmers, the local body of Christ is built up and made to shine gloriously in the spiritual darkness around them, a place where hunger and sin abounds. And formerly cultural Christians are introduced to the real, life-changing person of Jesus Christ as well.

I hope you’ll join with us as we “plant our seeds” in this work of God. The harvest—both in this world and the next—is outstanding!


Dick Samuels
Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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