“Were Those Angels?”

11 Jul

Picture of busy street in Asia

“Were Those Angels?”

Bible smugglers given divine help to cross closed borders

Dear Family,

It’s expected that our Bible smugglers face difficulties—including, at times, imprisonment and even torture—transporting their precious payloads into a closed nation. But what many don’t know is that the trip home can be challenging as well.

The following account reveals how God came to the rescue of a Strategic Bibles Ministry team when no other options were available.

I would like to share the following testimony from a dear brother with you. His testimony is a perfect example of the impact that the Word of God has on the persecuted church…

One of the most amazing things happened while we were in [closed nation] dropping off a load of Bibles. We were trying to get back across the border, but all the train tickets were sold out, and we had absolutely no backup plan. When we tried the train ticket line one more time there was a couple in front of us that spoke to us in perfect English and said “all the train tickets are sold out because it’s a holiday, but we need to get across the border tonight too. Would you like to share a taxi with us?” The Lord gave me perfect peace at this moment, and I just knew that they were the Lord’s angels. The couple helped us cross the border, and when we got into the immigration line we turned around to wave goodbye, but they had suddenly vanished! We truly believe they were angels sent to help us get out of the country! Taking Bibles increased my faith because it was all outside my control and all in God’s hands. He always comes through for His children; we never need to be afraid that He won’t help us and guide us; He is always faithful!

Sometimes we forget that God is sovereign, that He intercedes for us, and that our prayers for those who carry out these missions will be answered. That is why your prayer support is needed just as much as the financial support many of you provide. Thank you for diligently providing both to the Strategic Bibles Ministry!


Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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