What a Month!

orphans from kenya
AIDS Orphans in Kenya awaiting sponsorship, at OrphansTear.org

Dear Sponsors,

Because of you and the Lord, March was an incredible month of blessing for Orphan’s Tear. Most of you know that we have been helping build a medical clinic in Kalaymyo, Myanmar, that will serve the many orphanages that we assist in that city. When we were first told of the amount needed, $32,000, it seemed like an impossibility for us. But not with God! Because of special gifts, last month we sent the final amount needed to finish the building. We’ll get to see it when we travel to Myanmar in November/December. (You can join us then…keep reading!)

You also know that we have been raising funds to help the Handicapped Christians in Kalaymyo with a more adequate building to facilitate the special needs of twenty-six precious children afflicted with polio. We originally estimated the need would be about $8,000 to $12,000. We received a little over $14,000 in gifts for that project! We have since learned that they were not able to find an adequate existing building, so they’ve purchased a residential lot of land, and they are now laying the foundation for a 24′ by 80′ building. Of course, all of this is going to cost more than we estimated. We prayed this morning for the Lord to supply the need. This afternoon I received a call from someone who said his organization would pay it all! In December we will visit their new place and rejoice with them! (You can join us then…keep reading!)

Also, for some months we have been saving up the special gifts that come in each month from folks who don’t sponsor individual orphans but who want to help with special projects. Through last month we had collected about $8,000, and so we sent that to a very crowded orphanage in Yangon that has been asking us for two years for $8,000 to buy a house. They have been using a rented house, so now they can purchase their own place. If you support a child at Love & Mercy Shelter, that is the orphanage. In December we will visit them at their new place! (You can join us then…keep reading!)

Additionally, due to one special gift, we were able to enhance the Orphan’s Tear website last month with search parameters to help potential sponsors find children by country and gender. Plus we added a custom administration software module that works behind the scenes and that makes the management of Orphan’s Tear much more efficient.

Also, we were able to help the director of the Mercy Children’s Home, a missionary’s widow, receive much-needed surgery for her back, as she been barely able to walk. (An excerpt from a letter she sent is below.)

Finally, we had one new sponsor from Malaysia adopt an entire small orphanage by himself! What a month!

So thanks to everyone who has made these blessings possible, and thanks to everyone who sponsors a child. We currently have 509 children sponsored and 453 waiting for sponsorship. Please join us in prayer for those 453.

Our sponsors’ trip to Myanmar this year is November 25 to December 8, about two weeks in length. We’d love to have you join us. Of all the places I’ve traveled in the world, Kalymyo, Myanmar is my favorite, and mostly because of the people. If you support an orphan in Myanmar, you will get to meet him or her, as well as hundreds of other children who are supported through Orphan’s Tear. You will meet Christian brothers and sisters whom you will fall in love with and never forget. Everyone who joins us on these trips never wants to come home.

Finally, below I’ve pasted a few excerpts from recent e-mails from orphanage directors. Enjoy them as you read, and feel good about the difference you are making for some little followers of Jesus! I haven’t repaired any broken English within their correspondence.

From the director of Love in Action Orphanage:

We are grate full for the bread

you pent. Since we fed the children your gift of bread they are very healthy. Before your gift of bread they were deficient in nutrient they often fell sick. Being in good health they grow physically looking more handsome than before. Not only physically, they grow mentally that they are much brighter than before in their school lessons.

We face less problem for keeping them at school. We usually incur K300,000/- annually for such as fee, text books and ball pens. As we are relived from expenses for food our problem in facing educational express half-solved. We can afford even better clothing’s. The orphans are ever praying for you. They are looking forward to see you. May God bless you abundantly for calling to care the poor orphans.

From the director of Shalom Children's Home:

It was difficult for children to memorize half-page of letter at one night study. Because their memorizing weak for the result of lack of vitamins. But now they can do it better for your support and help make them satisfied for their body needs. That why, My daughter Van Sui Mawi can memorized all verses of Ps 119-1-176 , and got price [a prize]. So, please continue your open handed upon us in order that the children will have a sufficient meals.

From the director of Mercy Children's Home:

I'm so glad for your love gift for the parentless and helpless which i received. So I praise and give my heartful thanks to Him who answered our prayer through you. Now, due to you kindness and love we eat and drink as the other.

Over more, I received your kind consideration for my medical treatment. I praise you with tears. I'll get medical treatment soon and I'll inform you again. Thanks a lot for your kindness I'm proud of you. We love you. Long live. May God Bless You abundantly.

That's a lot of blessing for one month! Thanks again for your compassion.

For the Children,


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