What Comes Next

Praying over the land and partially-built aftercare facility in October 2014

What Comes Next

Giving juvenile ex-offenders a real shot at life

Dear Friends,

“Free at last!” Those are the words every prisoner longs to utter one day. But what comes next? Finding a place to stay, food to eat, a job for income, and a welcoming body of believers—these are no easy tasks, and ex-offenders rarely succeed at them without a network of support.

That’s where Heaven’s Family is playing a unique role through the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund. We’re providing opportunities for ex-offenders to begin life again through what is called aftercare. By supporting prison chaplains who work within prison walls to bring hope through saving faith, we help prepare young men for life in the “free world”…and, very importantly, to continue strong in their new lives in Christ.

Successful aftercare is important—and, until recently, unheard of—in places like Kibwezi, Kenya, too. Working with our partner Kelvin Mwikya from Philemon Ministries, we’re setting up the first-ever aftercare juvenile facility in that entire nation. With Heaven’s Family funding, we hope to construct additional aftercare homes for adolescents “graduating” from prison.

Construction continued earlier this year

In September we will have the privilege of attending the christening ceremony of this facility, a special event that will be attended by many high-level prison and governmental officials. A young men’s choir from the juvenile prison will sing for this ceremony, having already won favor with the President of Kenya and performed in his presence earlier this year (read more about that here).

After this inauguration, the juvenile ex-offenders will begin biblical studies, general academics and vocational training in order to equip them for a productive, self-sustaining life. Involvement in a strong Christian community has proven to be the best re-enforcement for life after prison.

The new home in May, almost completed on the outside, and ready for furnishings on the inside

The Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund is also supporting an aftercare and drug rehabilitation program in Tulancingo, Mexico, (read more about that here). Lives are being restored, and young men are receiving a second chance through the power of a faithful Redeemer.

Through your support of the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund you are playing an important part in the restoration of young peoples’ lives. Your gifts are helping to transform a generation into productive members of society and faithful followers of Jesus Christ! You are influencing generations to come by breaking the bondage of sin and leaving a legacy of sanctified life for those to follow in the future.

May God richly bless you!

Bob Collins
Director, Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund

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