Whatever It Takes

03 Sep

Picture of social worker with children in Myanmar
Nge Nge is a social worker who travels with children to their home villages in some very remote regions of Myanmar

Whatever It Takes

You helped reunite children with their families, despite the obstacles

Dear Family,

Can you imagine having a family that loves you, but them sending you to live in an orphanage far away from home—perhaps getting to visit them but once a year?

This month, you are changing that for several children who aren’t true “orphans” by sending them back to live with their families.

The vast majority of children in Myanmar’s orphanages have parents, but their parents have sent them to orphanages due to poverty. We’ve discovered, however, that if we can help lift those families out of their poverty, they will take their children back, providing a home environment that is far superior to that of an orphanage.

To do this right, our social workers need to travel to the children’s home villages and make assessments to determine if it’s safe and good for the children to return. Some live in very remote regions of the country. Once children are placed back with their families, our social workers need to periodically return to those remote villages to make check-up visits to ensure that the children are doing well.

This month you’ve provided the travel expenses needed for social workers to visit a number of these children. Thank you for bringing families back together!

Thank you so much for your compassion,

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

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