Why So Many of Our Orphans have Straight Teeth

10 Jun

Why So Many of Our Orphans have Straight Teeth

Daisy, at Rhema Childcare Center in Yangon, Myanmar. Read the secret to her straight teeth in this update!

Dear Lovers of Children,

I’ve got lots of good news, as usual. The best news is that this past month, 35 of our 115 Pakistani orphans were sponsored by one ministry here in our home town of Pittsburgh (which must be one reason Pittsburgh has been recently rated as “America’s Most Livable City“, followed by San Francisco, Seattle and Portland). For this we praise God, because now all 115 children are sponsored. They are rejoicing in Pakistan, and progress on their new orphanage building and school is moving along. About $24,000 is still needed for its completion.

Perhaps the second greatest news is that one of our supporters from Kentucky had a garage sale to benefit Orphan’s Tear, and she raised $963 for the Special Gifts Fund! She’s moving to Tennessee in a month to get remarried…to her ex-husband, who is also a Heaven’s Family supporter! (This is a marriage made in heaven, no doubt!)

The third greatest news is that, because of recent gifts to the Special Gifts Fund, this month we were able to send funds to help complete the construction of New Eden Orphanage’s and Bethel Orphanage’s new buildings (both in Myanmar). And we were able to send Mephibosheth Orphange (also in Mynamar), $6,000 to purchase ten acres of rice paddy land. That will go a long way to helping them become more self-sufficient.

For all of these good reports, we praise God. And thanks, as always, to every sponsor of every child. Currently, 716 children are sponsored in Pakistan, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Kenya

A Smart Idea from a Funny Guy

The biggest burden on my heart is to find sponsors for all of the orphans we currently have waiting. (Once those are all sponsored, we have orphanages on a waiting list.) We’ve prayed about it, and God has been answering (35 Pakistani orphans were sponsored last month, for example).

A few weeks ago, Christian comedian and host of the nationally-syndicated Bananas TV show, Thor Ramsey, requested a video about Orphan’s Tear that he could show to his audiences. He also requested some quality brochures that he could give to people who were interested.

So we’ve produced a heart-grabbing two-minute video for Thor. You can view the Orphan’s Tear Promotional video online. It occurred to me that there might be other Christian artists who would use that video to promote Orphan’s Tear and help us find compassionate sponsors. In fact, anyone could use the video and brochures at a church, Bible-study, birthday party, garage sale…the sky is the limit!

So if you think you have an opportunity to influence people with our new video and brochures, please send an email to Charity at [email protected]. Tell her about your venue and let her know how many brochures you need. We’ll send them to you free along with a DVD that contains the new video.

To see Thor Ramsey, a very funny guy, in action, go to Thor’s website and then click on “Thou Shalt Laugh.” You can also find out how you can watch Bananas in your area.

“Why Do So Many of Your Poor Orphans Have Straight Teeth?”

Someone asked me this question once again a few weeks ago. People sometimes think we are very selective in the photos that we put in our newsletters, showing only the minority of children who have straight teeth. But that is not so. It amazed me at first when I noticed that so many of our orphans have such beautiful teeth. When I discovered the reason why, I was equally amazed. The answer to this question may shock you as well, and it may start you on a journey that will add twenty years to your life!

Research has shown that crooked teeth in children, in many cases, is due to nutritional deficiencies in their mothers! You can research it for yourself on the internet, but here is one place to begin: www.ppnf.org/catalog/ppnf/price.htm. The real shock is that poor mothers in rural areas of developing nations often eat more nutritious foods than mothers in developed nations! And of course just about everyone knows that dental cavities are the consequence of a sweet Western diet, like most of us rich folks consume.

The moral to the story? No matter how old or young you are, it is best to eliminate processed food from your diet. Give up white flour, white rice and white sugar. Eat fresh, natural, wholesome foods, the way God created them. (I’m starting to feel guilty preaching to you what I’m not practicing, so I’ll stop here.)

For the Children,


Orphan’s Tear
P.O. Box 12854
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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