Wiping Away Tears

crying orphan

Dear Friends,

I took the above photo just two weeks ago at one of our sponsored orphanages in Myanmar. This little girl was standing among a crowd of about 60 children who had just finished singing worship songs with all their hearts to the Lord, something our group witnessed time and time again. I don’t know if she was crying because of some sadness or because she loves God so much. In either case, this photo is etched in my heart, and I’m happy to tell you that you are helping to wipe away the tears of orphans like her.

While we were in Myanmar, our team of 18 brought joy to 690 children in 26 orphanages, by means of hugs and smiles, games, toys, candy, and a financial gift for each orphanage towards some capital improvement. Orphanage directors repeatedly told us how your monthly gifts have improved the lives of their children. I wish you could have been with us, and I hope you can join us next December when we visit again. There is nothing like it on earth.

We visited many Christian orphanages that we had never visited before, and we took photos of several hundred beautiful children who are now waiting sponsorship at Orphan’s Tear. I would sure appreciate your forwarding this e-mail to your friends to help us get the word out. We also have very nice Orphan’s Tear posters that we can send you if your church would allow you to post them. Thanks so much.

Our team also took photos of most of our sponsored children in Myanmar, and if yours was one of them, a team member will be sending those photos along with a short personal report to you within the next few weeks. So look for a letter in the mail from someone you don’t know, but who is probably a fellow sponsor who was with us in Myanmar.

Finally, let me tell you of a wonderful answer to prayer. While I was flying home from India in November, I sat next to another American who was returning from his first business trip to India. He turned out to be a Christian who is a partner in a very fast-growing web design and software company that employs 400 people, and to make a long story short, he offered his company’s services to help us with the Orphan’s Tear website. That was an answer to prayer because our website was designed to handle a small number of orphans, and it has become quite frustrating to maintain. We need professional help to keep up with the growth. Apparently the Lord knew what we needed!

Have a very blessed Christmas.


P.S. Also thanks to all who have given a special gift in honor of a loved one so we can provide Christmas presents for orphans. This year all of our sponsored children will receive a gift that will make this Christmas unlike any Christmas in their lives! All of the gift cards were mailed out by December 15 as promised, so if you gave in that way, your card should be in your mailbox soon.

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