The Woman at the Well

Picture of Bible, a rape victim in Sudan
Bible, an incredible woman with a heartbreaking story

The Woman at the Well

How the Bible healed a broken woman fetching water

Dear Family,

I want to introduce you to Bible. No, not the Bible you read every day, but a woman with a testimony that brings to life a familiar story from the Gospel of John.

When Bible was very young, her mother died while giving birth to her second child—who unfortunately didn’t survive. At the age of seven, her father passed away, leaving her an orphan. Thankfully, Bible was invited to live with her grandmother and uncle, both of whom cared for her and raised her until she was old enough to marry.

But marriage wasn’t going to mean a fairy tale ending for Bible. After the birth of five children, her husband passed away, causing more loss and trouble than can be expected in one person’s lifetime.

Bible was completely vulnerable as a widow in the war-torn country of Sudan. Very much in need and unable to provide for herself and her children, she was forced to relocate to a refugee camp where she was tragically raped. As a result, she bore a set of twins and is now raising them alongside her other five children. Life in the refugee camp is dangerous, and survival requires constant vigilance. Bible spends her days searching for food to keep her family alive, though sometimes she herself isn’t able to eat for long periods of time.

One day, a young man was preaching the Gospel where Bible was fetching water. It was on this day that the trajectory of her life changed forever— so much so that she chose a new name! “They prayed for us, and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.”

I love how her testimony brings to mind a very similar story of the woman at the well in John 4!

Although life in a refugee camp is dangerous, especially as a widow and single mother, Bible is now filled with hope and a sense of purpose beyond what she has ever known. In her own words, she shares about her life at the camp and her hopes for the future:

It’s not really a good life, and people live with fear every day…my daily prayer to God is to protect me and my children and open a door for us so that we can go out from here – I have great faith that God will rescue us again.

Picture of Bible with her family
Bible, pictured in back row far left, and her seven children

God has heard her prayers! Bible and her children will be arriving in Kenya very soon. What a difference food, shelter, and education will make in their lives— but I imagine that the sense of safety will be among the things she treasures most.

Thank you for caring for the women and children served through the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry. I know God has a “future and a hope” for each of them!

Together for the “least of these”,

Director of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Patty Forney
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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  • Ronnie Johnson

    “Lord, I pray blessings for Bible and her little books of the bible. Heal her from the horror of the assault and all of them from the fear that wants to destroy them. Bless them to become blessers. Bless those who help them and others like them. Amen”

    • Patty Forney


      She has made it safely to her new home in Kenya!

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