Wonder-Working Wangui

Picture of Elizabeth wih her daughers Stella and Ann
Stella, Ann and Elizabeth Wangui today

Wonder-Working Wangui

A Kenyan woman who’s dedicated her life to making disciples

Dear Family,

I met Elizabeth Wangui last October during a three-month trip to Nakuru, Kenya. Wangui (as everyone calls her) had set up a sewing shop within her community and started a small fellowship, mostly filled with young children. The children were always popping in to talk to her and she began talking with them about Jesus. (Click here to read about Wangui from a 2016 update.)

Soon followed a Sunday school class and after several months, Wangui rented an 8′ x 10′ room in a building next to her sewing shop for 8 a month where she and her daughters, Stella and Anne, shared Bible stories (with a donated flannel graph) along with a craft and snack every Sunday. I met about 40 children the first Sunday I attended.

Pictures of children learning, coloring and eating
At left, children learning about Moses; at center, kids and having fun coloring; at right, taking a break to enjoy juice and mendazi (Kenyan donut)

As word spread, more children, adults and teens began to come, quickly outgrowing Wangui’s rented space. We began to pray for money to build a shelter, which was expensive. In the meantime, God in His great wisdom showed us we could just knock the wall out between the room she was renting and the next, which was the same size, for $8 more dollars! To date, those two rooms are packed with men, women, children and youth all learning to love and care for each other. This fellowship now has a youth ministry and all are learning to go out and make new disciples!

Pictures of children learning, coloring and eating
At left, the wall comes down! At right, Wangui and her two daughters, Stella and Ann, from 2016 when we first wrote about her

And that’s not all! Wangui is now opening her own sewing school so she can disciple women like herself, who have been abandoned, and the widowed who have no trade or skill to provide for their families. In Kenya, as well as many other developing countries, there are no social programs for these impoverished women and their children. The only way anything can change for these women is through the hands and feet of God. That’s YOU and ME!

Pictures of children learning about Jesus
A captive audience eager to learn about Jesus

I hope Wangui’s faith, determination and love have encouraged you like they have me. Without you, Wangui could not be working wonders with the children of Nakuru. And to think, God blessed me to become friends with Wangui before He led me to serve as director of Heaven’s Family’s Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry—and before knowing I would one day write this story. How cool is that?

“Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master” Mathew 25:23.


Dossie Briggs

Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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