Wonders for Warda (and Her Wee Sisters!)

17 Feb

Wonders for Warda (and Her Wee Sisters!)

Lovely Warda after a year of love and good nutrition (inset: Wanda and her sisters shortly after their arrival at Cindi’s Hope)

Wonders for Warda (and her wee sisters!)

Can anything good come from Eastleigh slums?

Dear Friends,

I first met Warda and her sisters one year ago during my visit to a place called Cindi’s Hope in Nairobi, Kenya (click here to read the update I sent following that trip). I learned in the months prior about how these beautiful girls were rescued from horrific circumstances in the Eastleigh slums of Nairobi, and of how Warda had been violated such that she trusted no one, causing her to shy away from contact with any adult. My heart broke for them.

But I was also grateful that these precious sisters were being cared for at Cindi’s Hope, a home for abused and abandoned girls, because I knew they would be nurtured by loving, trustworthy Christian staff, and be given a good education that encouraged moral character.

Returning last fall with a team from Heaven’s Family, I witnessed a transformation that brought tremendous joy and relief to my heart! Warda was still a bit shy, but she mustered enough courage to come and snuggle up against me as I lavished delighted hugs upon her. She now knows how much she is loved, and exudes a newfound confidence as she plays with her girlfriends and laughs with the staff. Your gifts to the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry have clearly made a difference in the lives of Warda and her sisters!

It is amazing that this oasis of restoration exists in the midst of such an infamous slum. Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry has also helped, providing the nutritious meals that have visibly rounded out the formerly frail little bodies of these girls.

The view of the slum right outside the gates of Cindi’s Hope Academy

Warda’s delightful youngest sister

I want to thank you who have supported the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry for your care and concern for little ones like these who so need to experience the love of God. The mother of these girls is very sick, but has continued to reach out to them despite her weak condition. Please pray that they will ultimately be reunited under safe and secure circumstances.

Together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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