Wrapped in Love

This wonderful lady was gushing with gratitude. Although I didn’t understand a word she said, she communicated her gratitude perfectly!

Wrapped in Love

Jeff’s 2nd blog from Nepal

Dear Friends,

Our jeep alternately groaned and whined as it transported me and my Nepali partners up, up, up into the misty Himalayan foothills northeast of Kathmandu, winding through lush forests and an occasional village. Many of the homes and other buildings we passed looked as they did right after the earthquake—the owners still waiting for the government to help tear down the fragile, half-collapsed remains.

Our destination was Chautara, a mountain town that used to have a population of 20,000, but now it’s closer to 16,000. One in 5 citizens perished in the earthquake, and thousands more were displaced—temporarily, at least—from their damaged homes.

Although many have received emergency relief in the past few months, we learned through the pastor of a church there that dozens of families didn’t have blankets to face the coming winter—many possessions, including their old blankets, were buried under rubble. So our jeep was loaded with blankets for 83 families who lived near the church. We also brought them much-valued solar-powered lights.

All the families jostled into the little church this morning, awaiting our arrival. The cold, fresh mountain air was just beginning to warm with the rising sun. The small sanctuary was packed—everyone sat on the floor, and no space was left (I’m glad I didn’t need to rush out for anything, as I was trapped in the front by the crowd).

The distribution finally began with worship and praise. Between songs, an enthusiastic cacophony of prayers arose, along with hands, into the air of the dimly-lit room. Then Timothy Rai, a Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary, preached a message of salvation. The crowd sat spellbound as he spoke—even the children!

Then came the distribution. I was surrounded by grateful smiles and unintelligible (to me) Nepalese words of thanks. As always, I directed their thanks to the God who loves them, first and foremost, and then to those of you who gave so that I could bring them this blessing. Below are photos of a few of the recipients.

Thanks so much for sending me to bless and encourage our brothers and sisters in Nepal. Tonight each of these families is wrapped up in your love—and I hope that knowledge warms your heart as much as it does mine!

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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