You answered prayers!

The children and directors posing for a picture in front of their orphanage building
A lesson of faith: a new kitchen comes to Living Hope Orphanage!

Living Hope Orphanage has prayed a long time for a new kitchen. Their old “kitchen” was little more than an outdoor fire pit, exposed to all the weather. Cooking during the monsoon season—almost six months out of the year—was nearly impossible. Then they decided to take a leap of faith and start digging the foundation for a new, enclosed kitchen. Many of you came alongside Living Hope, helping to answer their prayers. They can now provide healthier meals for their children.

The director wrote:

By the grace of God and through your prayers we are fine here and the ministry also is going on well. We do thank you so much for now we have very beautiful kitchen through you.

Thank you so much for being a part of answering the prayers of a few orphans!.

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Before and after pictures of the kitchen being constructed
At left: the director of Living Hope leading his children in prayer for a new kitchen to arise where they were about to start digging a foundation; at right, the kitchen nearing completion

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