“You must marry!”

Martha’s parents kicked her out of their home in rural Malawi. If she wanted to return she’d have to marry the man they’d chosen for her. Martha refused, however, still clinging to her dream of becoming a nurse, but they had already received the dowery for her and there was no changing their minds now. She was only 14 years old—and now she was homeless.

For several weeks Martha slept on the street and searched for food. Deep inside, her hope that one day her circumstances would improve was still alive.

An education advisor heard about Martha and how she was living on the streets. In school, she had been the top of her class of 122 students. He knew the street was no place for a girl with such promise, so he brought her home to live temporarily with his family. He soon enrolled her in a boarding school. She still needed a more permanent home than the school, however. That is when he found Yesu Ngwadidi Children’s Home.

Now Martha is going to a very good school and is encouraged to dream big. She is even daring to dream of becoming a doctor instead of nurse. Martha just started 8th grade on September 4th. She also has a loving place to call home, and to be taught about Jesus.

Many of the children who live at Yesu Ngwadidi Children’s Home need a second sponsor. You can view all the children from that home who are available for sponsorship by clicking here.

Thanks for your compassion for children like Martha.

On behalf of the orphans,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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