You Stood By Us

19 Jan


You Stood By Us

Further testimonies of how God is changing the hearts of Muslims

Dear Friends,

Bahira and her family had to flee from their home in Syria when militants captured their city. They found refuge in another part of Syria, but now live in an unfinished building with only a roof over their heads—no walls, no electricity and no water—an “apartment” they must pay $67 a month for. But it’s better than the alternative…and it’s winter in Syria now, too.

Bahira’s husband Kareef is sick and unable to support his family. She keeps looking for work she can do, but jobs are scarce because of the influx of so many displaced people in their area. Their children, ages 5, 8 and 15, must beg on the streets to pay the rent.

But Bahira learned of a church nearby that was helping refugees, one that happens to be a Heaven’s Family partner.

Because of you, this family (and many others) now receives a monthly food parcel. In gratitude, Bahira comes to the church faithfully and offers to help wherever needed—even though she and her family are Muslims. She recently told the pastor, “You are better than my own people, for you stood by us in our hour of need.” (This is said often by war refugees in Syria because Muslims are taught from childhood that Christians are their enemies. They are amazed that their enemies are so kind to them.)

What a testimony of Jesus’ love we’re showing to this family! Although they have endured much pain and suffering and have lost their home and their hope for the future, Jesus has not forgotten them. He is an ever-present help in the time of trouble, and they are seeing this!

Thank you for your true love for these disillusioned, abandoned people for whom Jesus died. I have no doubt that someday at the throne of God you will meet some of these dear people for the first time, and they will testify about your love and kindness to them. That will be a glorious day!

May the Lamb who was slain receive all the glory.


Becky Servant
Director, Refugee Ministry


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  • Sue Nofziger

    Becky-this is so wonderful to hear, how local and internationals are teaming up to make a difference. Although it is more and more reported about Muslims being surprised by the love of the Christians and the Lord who loves them, the part about them coming to Christ or reconsidering their faith is now almost commonplace. God promised He would bring people from that part of the world to Himself thousands of years ago and He is! Thank you for being brave to go there and do something, His hands and feet. We are blessed by your faithfulness!!

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