Dear Friends,

I have some lovely news. We can double your donation through the end of the year.

Some generous folks who love Heaven's Family have made possible an end-of-the-year matching-gift challenge to our general fund of $110,000. This means that every gift to the general fund through the year's end will be doubled, up to a cumulative total of $110,000. So if we can raise $110,000 for our general fund, Heaven's Family will receive a total of $220,000.

The reason this is such lovely news is because our general fund is our most difficult fund to raise money for. Folks (myself included) are naturally more attracted to our focused funds that meet so many specific pressing needs of poor and suffering saints. But we can't administrate all those focused funds without the general fund, as we have to pay salaries, bank wire fees, travel expenses, and much more. All of our 22 staff members work from home and many raise their own personal support or work for free, but still, without the general fund, there would be no Heaven's Family. This is so critically important that we're sending this letter in lieu of our regular magazine this month.

So I'm asking you to consider helping us before the end of the year with a gift to our general fund. If you've given to any of our focused funds this year, the administration of your gift was paid for through the general fund. If it wasn't for the general fund, there would be no focused funds.

Any contribution that you make to the general fund through the end of the year will be doubled by a matching gift up to a cumulative total of $110,000. So a $25 contribution will become $50, a $100 contribution will become $200, and so on. But we can only count contributions to the general fund, not to any other fund.

You can easily contribute to Heaven's Family's general fund via credit card by clicking here, or by mailing a check to Heaven's Family, P.O. Box 12854, Pittsburgh, PA 15241.

Thanks so very much!

Every blessing,

David Servant
Director, Heaven's Family