A Note from David...

With some new friends in Afghanistan

The risks we take traveling overseas are not always as risky as they might seem. Afghanistan, for example, is a big country, and I was only there for a week. Traveling with experienced guides, we stayed away from Taliban strongholds.

I met Western missionaries in Afghanistan who had all been serving there for years. All of them were able to tell me about other missionaries who had lost their lives, some recently. Yet all had the same perspective as Paul: "To live is Christ, and to die is gain" (Phil. 1:9). That is true, not just for missionaries, for all who are living for Christ.

Be sure to read my article this month, adapted from the blog I wrote while I was in Afghanistan. And thanks for joining me as we all "run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus" (Heb. 12:1-2). He's waiting for all of us at the finish line! — David

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This Month's Articles

Flight to Freedom
A True Story of Escape from North Korea

Mi Young lay on the muddy riverbank, wet, shivering, and exhausted, clutching her teenage son, Jae. They had just done the unthinkable: under cover of darkness, they'd illegally swum across a river that separates North Korea from China—without being shot by border guards. Now, however, it seemed that hypothermia might succeed where border guards had failed. Continue Reading...

Glad to be a "Man of the Book"
The Persecuted Christians Fund at Work in Afghanistan

To an average American like myself, all 20 of the men in the room looked like members of Afghanistan's infamous Taliban. Some were even wearing turbans. We sat silently on the rug-covered floor, leaning against cold walls, waiting for our meal to be served. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable, an odd American, likely one of the few Westerners who'd ever ascended the long valley that led to their remote mountain village, 10,000 feet above sea level. Continue Reading...

Defying Gravity
The Leprosy Ministry Fund at Work in India

I was already somewhat in a state of shock—even though I had done my best to prepare for what I knew I would see.

It was my first visit to a Heaven's Family-supported leprosy clinic in Hyderabad, India. As I had imagined beforehand, it wasn't easy to look at the infected wounds of leprosy patients as they were compassionately dressed by dedicated nurses. But then came a shock of a different kind for which I was unprepared. Continue Reading...

From Prison to Palace
The Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund at Work in Kenya

It was a marvelous picture of redemption: 80 young men, all prison inmates who were still serving time for their crimes, singing praises to God at Kenya's presidential palace. It's an inspiring story that begins with one man named Kelvin Mwikya, who encountered Jesus in a Kenyan prison cell. Continue Reading...

Christmas Clothes for Students

American children might be disappointed to receive clothing as Christmas gifts, but the same cannot be said of impoverished children in Asia and Africa—who often only have one set of tattered school clothes.

Our goal this year is to provide "Christmas clothes" for the 500 students who attend Heaven's Family- supported schools. These impoverished children will receive the clothes on Christmas morning, and they will all excitedly wear them to church that day—and most likely every other day for the next year.

Will you give one of our students his or her only Christmas gift this year? 100% of every $5 contribution to Christmas Gifts for Students is used to provide clothing for a child attending HF-sponsored schools around the world. Thanks so much!

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Too bad we have to fly all the way to Kenya for the treatment!