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With a small friend in Myanmar

I'm thankful that I don't have to wait for a new year to get a fresh start. God's mercies are new every morning! Still, the beginning of every new year provokes most of us to think about changes we'd like to make. So let me encourage you to draw closer to the Lord this year by taking advantage of one of our free weekday video and e-devotionals.

HeavenWord Daily guides you through the entire New Testament in one year through reading just one New Testament chapter each weekday along with my commentary. (Sign up by clicking here.) Family-Style Devotions was written with you and your children in mind. It is a seven-month journey that follows the life of Christ. (Sign up by clicking here.) HeavenWord 7 is a seven-minute weekday video journey through the New Testament. (Sign up by clicking here.)

Why not make 2015 your best year yet? — David

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This Month's Articles

Don't Forget the Skulls!
A Witch Doctor in Mexico Cleans House

"We need to burn everything...so don't forget to dig up the skulls!" Mariano Cruz Garrido had given his heart completely to Jesus. Now he was ready to deal with his past once and for all. Continue Reading...

Rescue in Riga
Lured in prostitution at age 12, a Latvian girl finds Jesus

Laima Rubenis and her friend were cautious when an unfamiliar man approached them as they walked home from school one afternoon. The seventh-graders knew strangers were not to be trusted, but this man's friendly charm and exciting offer to earn money conquered their initial apprehension. Continue Reading...

The Sacrifices of Saints
Who would have guessed that a radio broadcast 15 years ago would result in food relief for starving Kenyans?

I thought at the time, some 15 years ago, that my daily radio broadcast was a failure. The church I was pioneering in Pittsburgh had paid thousands of dollars to buy months of airtime on our local Christian radio station. I taught for 15 minutes every day about repentance and true faith in Jesus. As a result, people were staying away from my church in droves. A few listeners even wrote the station manager, asking that my broadcast be canceled. I was "preaching a works gospel" they said. Continue Reading...

The Unemployable Employer
When a Micro-Loan Makes the Impossible Possible

Samwell Juma is a smart, young Kenyan man who had run out of options. After graduating from a local college with a degree in computer technology, Samwell applied and interviewed everywhere he could think of, but no one wanted to hire him. As smart as Samwell was, potential employers had misgivings during interviews. Samwell was becoming desperate. He had a wife and baby boy to support. Continue Reading...

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Parting Shot: If Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery...

I'd never seen a Hunda motorcycle before my last year's visit to Afghanistan. Made in China, this one looks just like a Japanese Honda. — David