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A Note from David...

With a tiny friend in Myanmar

I predict that 2016 will continue the trend of the past 2,000 years, bringing with it a combination of increasing darkness and light. Concerning the darkness, like all generations of believers who have lived before us, we wonder how much darker it might get. Yet all the while, the tiny mustard seed that was planted 2,000 years ago—which became a small mustard tree—silently keeps growing larger (see Matt. 13:31-32). One day it will be the biggest tree in the garden!

Jesus did warn that "night is coming when no one can work" (John 9:4b). So we, like Him, must "work the works of Him who sent us as long as it is day" (John 9:4a). And that is just what we'll be doing at Heaven's Family in 2016. Our mission is to build Jesus' kingdom on earth, certain that one day, His will be the only kingdom.

As the darkness increases in 2016, let us advance with God's light! — David

This Month's Articles

Imam Turned Infidel
Jesus evangelizes via dreams

Akilah screamed and wailed—despite her husband's frantic attempts to quiet her. But it was too late. Surely their neighbors had heard. And Ishaq could hardly blame his wife for her outburst. For months he had delayed making his dreaded confession to her. Now there was no turning back. Continue Reading...

Replanting a Flooded Faith
Restoring crops—and faith—after record floods sweep Malawi

God may love others, but He surely doesn't love me or my children, thought Juliyasi, an impoverished widow from rural Malawi trying to support her 6 children by growing maize. Continue Reading...

Making Mga Tinun-an for Jesus
Working to transform 20 million people

As Jojie leafed through the pages of the thick English book, reading chapter titles, he was immediately struck by how many key biblical truths were addressed—something woefully absent from the other Christian literature he had ever read. My fellow believers desperately need to learn and understand these principles regarding true discipleship, he thought. Continue Reading...

Angel of Light
A life is rescued from the darkness

The security guard barely noticed her in the deepening darkness—just a poor neighbor throwing her trash onto one of the neighborhood garbage heaps, he concluded. His thoughts drifted to other matters. It was a normal beginning to his nightly watch at one of the residences on the outskirts of Mombasa, Kenya. Continue Reading...

Saved by a Crash
Finding life after losing a leg

Jackson was born into what many in Kenya would consider the "lap of luxury." His father was a wealthy owner of land and a fleet of cars, and when Jackson was old enough he became one of his drivers, earning $20 a day—a very nice sum by local standards. He then married and fathered several children. Continue Reading...

Behind the Scenes at Heaven's Family

Five people who are smarter than me & One who is infinitely greater than us all
By David Servant

I've not written a Behind the Scenes article for our magazine since March 2014, so it's about time I catch you up on all the good things happening at Heaven's Family since then. The most important have been more wonderful additions to our staff. Continue Reading...

Your 2015 Contribution Receipt is Waiting for You on Our Website

You can easily print out a 2015 Contribution Receipt by creating an online account or logging in to your existing online account using this link: HeavensFamily.org/statement. Then click the red button that says "Print Your Tax Receipt," located in the top, left corner of the statement. If you need any help, call us at 1-855-333-2211, M-F, 9-5 EST.

Parting Shot: Clamping Down on Illegal Parkers...

This sign in Zimbabwe had us scratching our heads, so I snapped Dick Samuel's photo beside it. We later learned that those who parked their cars in such zones ran the risk of returning to find one of their tires clamped, making it impossible to drive until they paid a hefty fine. — David

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