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About Us: Why Does Orphan's Tear Exist?

God's Word leaves little doubt about His special concern for orphans. Under the Old Covenant, He expected His people to defend orphans (Isa. 1:17) and meet their material needs through giving of tithes (Deut. 14:28-29; 26:12-13), and through harvest gleanings (Deut. 24:19-21). Under the New Covenant, caring for orphans is declared to be one of the three defining characteristics of "pure and undefiled religion in the sight of God" (Jas. 1:27). If we are true followers of Christ, we simply will not ignore the plight of the most vulnerable members of the world's citizenry.

In wealthy nations, orphans have the options of foster care and adoption, and many believers fulfill their biblical mandate to care for orphans by taking them into their homes. But in poor nations, social services are scarce, and people who struggle to feed their own children aren't open to taking in more children. Orphans often find themselves fending for themselves, living on the streets. Government-run institutional orphanages sometimes bridge part of the gap materially, but rarely do they succeed in meeting a child's social and spiritual needs. It is for these reasons that Orphan's Tear was founded.

As I've traveled in many developing nations, I've discovered scores of orphanages founded and administrated by dedicated Christians who are doing all they can to love the orphans whom God sends their way. To date, Orphan's Tear has partnered with over 50 Christian orphanages in at least 9 nations, boosting their resources so that they can better provide for the children under their care. This is done through our child sponsorship program, by which we send to our partner orphanages $20 to $40 each month for every sponsored child. (Children can be sponsored by one sponsor who contributes $40 per month, or by two sponsors who each contribute $20 per month.) The fruit has been encouraging, as the children in those orphanages eat better, sleep better, do better in school, and thrive spiritually under the godly influence of their Christian caretakers. We've also been blessed to build scores of orphanage buildings that are a definite upgrade in comparison to the sometimes heart-breaking facilities in which we find children living.

Orphan's Tear has also begun a Foster Care Initiative to place orphans in caring Christian families, as we are convinced that is better than an orphanage environment.

Orphan's Tear is your love-link to very poor orphans around the world who live in Christian orphanages. For just $20 per month, you can help provide food, clothing, shelter, an education, and Christian nurture for a little follower of Christ.