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Special Bonus: Opportunity to send an encouraging letter to a someone rescued from trafficking!

Not only will this book give you an encouraging glimpse into the lives of those rescued from human trafficking, but at the end you will be provided a way to send an encouraging letter or written prayer to others who have been rescued.

How it Works
You'll receive access to a secure communication portal on our website. From that webpage you'll be able to send an encouraging message or prayer to a young woman who was rescued from human trafficking (occasionally boys and young men are rescued. We will then screen messages we receive and securely pass those approved on to trusted partners, who will then translate the text into the local language and deliver it to one of the victims they work with. Your message will give the encouragement they desperately need, and strengthen them with the knowledge that someone cares and is praying for them. (Note: You are encouraged to talk about your relationship with Jesus Christ, but don't assume the one who reads your letter knows Him yet. All of our partners share the gospel with rescue victims, but in a gentle and respectful manner.)

Note: for security reasons, 1) your name will be removed from your message, and 2) there is no way to get a message back from the survivors who read your message.

Praise for Daughters for Sale

When you hear of human trafficking and slavery, it's tempting to change the subject. This evil is an issue so big, that we think it's too big to make a difference, right? Wrong. These uplifting stories of rescued children from Jeff and Karin Trotter show us how each of us can make a difference.
John Doe
Chris Posti
Entrepreneur, Author,
Career Coach
The following stories open our eyes. But upon seeing, may you read these stories with a prayer on your lips for those who need our help. I know the Trotter's personally and wholeheartedly endorse their ministry and call to rescue those imprisoned by human trafficking & slavery.
Jane Doe
Bishop David Thomas
Lead Pastor,
Victory Christian Center
The heart-rending stories shared here cry "help" to us all! We see that help in Jesus Himself. We see that help in the hearts of those like Jeff and Karin Trotter. We see that help in each reader's prayerful desire to share in this healing work! Read and be changed.
Jimmy Doe
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Fenner
Retired Family
General Practitioner

A word from the Authors

"Girl rescued from human traffickers." The headlines have become all-too familiar. The details vary, but they all tell the tragic stories of young women or girls kidnapped or conned into the dark, hideous world of human trafficking; or perhaps of boys forced to work as slaves in factories or aboard fishing vessels far from land. All tell of victims subjected to some combination of repeated emotional, physical and sexual abuse. They are stories we wished we'd never heard.

Within these pages, however, are stories we think you'll want to remember. Although they may begin with tragedy, they end with triumph—the triumph of good over evil; they begin with hopelessness, but end with renewed hope in Jesus Christ, the One who rights wrongs and restores broken lives to wholeness.

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