Employment at Heaven’s Family



Are You Called to Join Our God-Called Staff?

As Heaven’s Family has grown in size and experience, God has brought us just the right people at the right time. Heaven’s Family is the Lord’s ministry, so it shouldn’t surprise us when He provides every needed resource to accomplish His will.

All this being so, above every other qualification to serve at Heaven’s Family is the call of God. We only want those whom He equips and send to us. The first question we ask every potential staff member is this: Are you called by God to serve at Heaven’s Family?

The second qualification is proven experience in service and ministry. A person’s future can be predicted by looking at his or her past. Only those who have already been serving in some form of sacrificial ministry are qualified to serve at Heaven’s Family. As with any secular job, staff candidates must submit a resume and references. Those references are checked. Candidates are extensively interviewed.

The third qualification is Christian maturity and Christlikeness. The staff of Heaven’s Family are committed to a code of conduct as well as high moral and ethical standards, which include a commitment to love one another. We are committed to biblical conflict resolution that preclude standard practices of “silence or violence.”

And the fourth qualification is gifting and talent. We love to use our God-given talents to their fullest in innovative and creative ways. We work as a team, mentoring each other and pushing each other out of our comfort zones so that we can become even more effective and fruitful in our service to Him.

If you sense God calling you to join Heaven’s Family, feel free to send an email to [email protected]. When we do have job openings, we generally first inform those who regularly financially invest in Heaven’s Family, because that tells us something about their hearts.