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We are looking for people to join our family. Are you that person?

Heaven’s Family is a family of people who love Jesus and love to serve Him by advancing His kingdom around the world. We believe in sacrificing what we cannot keep in order to gain what we cannot lose, and because we’re following His mission, we believe we have His blessing on our work.

We love to use our God-given talents to their fullest in innovative and creative ways, and that’s what we offer those who join our family. We work as a team, mentoring each other and pushing each other out of our comfort zones so that we can become even more effective and fruitful in our service to Him.

Because we believe in the scriptural principle that says a worker is worthy of his or her wages, we offer competitive compensation. Please check below to see the current “family members” we’re looking for. If you don’t see any current openings listed, that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a place for you on our team! If you sense God calling you to join Heaven’s Family, or if you’re interested in learning more, please send an email to [email protected] or call us at 1-855-333-2211.

Current Openings:

Microloan Ministry Regional Director
The Regional Director is responsible for managing the Microloan Ministry’s (MLM) operations in Haiti and the French/Arabic-speaking African countries where the MLM currently operates, and will involve frequent international travel. This Regional Director will work with directors of other regions and the Director of the Microloan Ministry to refine, execute, and administer the program of the MLM for their region, including the spiritual development of micro-bankers and borrowers. For a more detailed job description as well as qualifications needed, please click here.