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Every month, Heaven’s Family helps far more people than we could ever highlight in our bi-monthly newsletter. For that reason, this blog contains additional photos and stories of some of the “least of these” among our spiritual family whom we’ve recently been blessed to serve.

Image of pastor in the Philippines
22 Mar

Training pastors from the walkie-talkie church

Pastor Paulo wondered how he could hold his church together during the long COVID lockdowns in the Philippines. His village has no electricity or cell phone signal, and solar-powered internet is costly and inconsistent, so Zoom and Facebook Live were not viable options. As Paulo asked God for direction, holding a walkie-talkie radio transmitter in his hand, the idea came to him: conduct church through the walkie-talkie!

Image of missionary from Pakistan
16 Mar

Can God Use Women?

During the second half of our 12-day trip, first to Northern India and now Nepal, our Heaven's Family team has spent a lot of our time meeting with indigenous church planters who are making disciples in unreached areas, some of whom are supported through Heaven's Family's National Missionary Ministry. One of them is "Fatima," pictured above. She was born and raised in Balochistan, the largest and least populated of Pakistan's five provinces, that shares its borders with Iran and Afghanistan. Fatima traveled all the way from Pakistan to meet us in Nepal.

Image of children from North India
09 Mar

From “Untouchables” to King’s Children

Greetings from an undisclosed region of North India. I can't reveal our exact location because it could put members of our spiritual family in danger of more persecution from their Hindu neighbors. But Heaven's Family, through its various ministries, has been working here for at least ten years. Myself and several staff members are visiting for a few days and checking up on projects (that some of you made possible!).

Image of Emily before being rescued
23 Feb

Born to Shine

Every day you are feeding many kids who have been rescued from abuse, abandonment, and human trafficking in Mexico. You are helping to provide not only regular healthy meals, but also special foods such as high-nutrient drink supplements for new arrivals—children who have just been rescued from the violence and ravages of abuse and trafficking.

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