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Because of the volume of e-mail we receive, it has become impossible for us to respond to every person who writes.

If you are writing to ask for money, our ministry only assists orphanages that we have personally visited, individual Christians in developing nations who are so poor that they are in need of food (through trusted indigenous pastoral contacts), and pastors with biblical training by means of pastors’ conferences and literature.

We are not able to offer personal advice or debate theological issues. You are certainly welcome to send your opinions and corrections, but we can’t guarantee we will be able to respond, and we hope you will understand. If you have a theological question, we do have hundreds of pages of well-organized teaching articles on DavidServant.com. You can use our search feature above to find whatever you may be looking for. Thanks for visiting!

The Heaven’s Family staff

Phone: (412)-833-5826

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Heaven’s Family
P.O. Box 12854
Pittsburgh, PA 15241


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