December 2013

With a little friend in Mexico

A Word from David

2013 has been Heaven’s Family’s most fruitful year, thanks to the Lord’s blessing and your obedience. For both, we are grateful. Our staff, which has grown this year to a team of 20, has been working hard in 2013 to serve the “least of these” and serve you. You can see their 20 beautiful faces in one of the below articles.

Last month, you should have received our 2014 Gift Catalog. I hope you’ll use it this Christmas and throughout 2014 for any gift-giving occasions. Giving a gift to one of Heaven’s Family’s Focused Funds in honor of your loved ones is a great way to express your love for them and for Jesus. As you know, He lives in the “least of these.”

Finally, I trust that you also received the good news about the $110,000 matching-gift-challenge made possible by some generous folks who love Heaven’s Family. Any gifts to the general fundthrough the year’s end will be matched, up to a cumulative total of $110,000. I pray you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! Thanks so much. — David

This Month's Articles

This Month's Teaching

Parting Shot: Overseas Employment Opportunity

We couldn’t resist taking this photo of Heaven’s Family staff member Karin Trotter during a ministry trip to the Dominican Republic. We might be frustrated when we phone a company and find ourselves speaking to a foreigner with an accent, but we need to remember that we’re speaking to someone who may have studied hard to learn English in order to gain employment that pays only a fraction of our minimum wage.

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