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A Word from David

For the past ten years, I’ve written a monthly e-teaching that is emailed to thousands of people. The topics I write about are biblical, but often challenging. Even hard-hitting. Some say extreme and controversial.

Contrary to what you might think, those challenging and often controversial e-teachings haven’t hurt the ministry of Heaven’s Family. On the contrary, they’ve extended our reach. In fact, the majority of people who contribute to Heaven’s Family‘s many focused funds were introduced to the ministry through one of my e-teachings, books, website articles, videos, or daily devotionals.

Not only has that “extreme” teaching attracted many true followers of Christ who now help us serve the “least of these” around the world, but the biblical truth behind that teaching is what motivates everything we do. We’re endeavoring to follow Jesus! All of this is to say, I hope you’ll read this month’s teaching article titled, Pastor, Will You Repent With Me? It is full of truth. And the truth, of course, is always controversial. — David

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This Month's Teaching

Parting Shot: Don't Drink and Drive!

HF staff member Jeff Trotter snapped this risk-taking Cambodian motorcycling mother as she removed an attached straw from a box of juice and inserted it while navigating the streets of Phnom Penh.

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