Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Medical Care Desperately Needed

Untold numbers of the world’s poor suffer debilitating and life-threatening illnesses with no hope of medical care. They feel blessed if they can meet their family’s most basic needs of food, shelter and, for those a little more fortunate, an education for their children. This ministry exists for them.

Most members of our spiritual family around the world have no medical insurance, and many cannot afford even a visit to a doctor—if there is a doctor in their region. Hospitals, when available, often require advance payment, an impossible hurdle for those who are ill and poor.

Larosa's scars from the fire in her neighbor's kitchen are healing and, in the arms of her mother, she's able to smile again. They are grateful for the generous donors who prayed and gave!

How We’re Helping

We come to the aid of very poor brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world who are suffering critical medical conditions. We’ve funded the removal of infected appendixes, gall bladders and cataracts, and the repair of cleft palates of babies who could not otherwise nurse. We’ve paid for tumors to be removed, broken bones to be reset, and for lifesaving antibiotics, as well as medicines to treat wounds, infections and diseases like TB and malaria. We also underwrite campaigns in Africa to remove jiggers—tiny fleas that burrow into the bottom of children’s feet and feed from their bloodstreams. 

He sent them to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick. – Luke 9:2

Young Shekina’s skull was fractured in a traffic accident. After offering to give the hospital staff everything he owned to pay for the surgery, Shekina’s impoverished father was denied care for his daughter because all his possessions couldn’t cover the $300 needed for the surgery. We were able to come to their aid in time, with no lasting damage to Shekina’s brain functions.

How You Can Help

Your gift can help bring healing to an ill or injured brother or sister in Christ.

A gift of $25 can remove painful jiggers from the feet of an African family and fumigate their home

A gift of $300 can provide a lifesaving medical procedure, such as an appendectomy

A gift of $2,000 can help fund an entire medical clinic in an African village for the duration of a month

Or invest any amount to help meet critical medical needs of our spiritual family


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