Disaster Relief Ministry


Why does the Disaster Relief Ministry exist?

Unfortunately, natural disasters occur throughout the world. Some make headlines, like the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal, tsunamis in Malaysia and Japan, and typhoons in the Philippines, while others do not, leaving victims to suffer with little or no help. 

In many of the nations hit by disasters, the poor become poorer due to lack of government help or insurance. That’s why the Disaster Relief Ministry steps in to provide emergency relief to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We seek to meet the pressing needs of our spiritual family first, but we also help those open to the gospel, as a witness to the love and mercy of God.

Witness some of the areas the Disaster Relief Ministry has helped to aid disaster victims around the world.

How does the DRM work?

The Disaster Relief Ministry works through local trusted partners who know the needs of their people, and how best to get emergency supplies to them. Working through them, we avoid government red tape that often hinders larger relief agencies, and we also are able to reach those no one else is helping. And because we target those missed by others, we are able to better measure the impact donations make, and track our work in the weeks and months following the disaster.

Disaster Relief Ministry responses typically include emergency supplies of food, safe drinking water, medicine/medical care, blankets, tarps and tents, solar lights and metal roofing sheets. We also strive, whenever possible, to help restore communities and local economies so that people can quickly get back on their feet—and not become dependent on outside help. In the Philippines, that meant rebuilding a village fishing fleet after it was decimated by a typhoon.

Valuing relationship with our partners and those whose lives have been devastated, we also put our own feet on the ground so that we can better assess the needs, communicate the situation back to our at-home partners who give and pray, and encourage those suffering with a message of hope and love. And when we encounter those who do not know Jesus Christ—but whose hearts have been softened by calamity—we provide relief and tell them about God’s love and mercy.

Where does the DRM serve?

No country is immune to natural disasters, but the Disaster Relief Ministry chooses to help those victims who 1.) are already very poor, 2.) have no access to government aid (if any exists) or insurance, and 3.) are not being helped by other relief agencies. This means that we work in third-world countries—or third-world-like regions of more developed nations—often in rural areas.

Here is a partial list of the disasters we’ve responded to:

Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar
Earthquake in China

Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Chile
Flooding in Pakistan

Cyclone Giri in Myanmar

Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Earthquake in China


Earthquake in Nepal
Cyclone Komen in Myanmar

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and Cuba

Massive floods and landslides in Myanmar

Hurricane Harvey in Cuba and the U.S.
Devastating floods in northern Laos

Volcano in Guatemala
Monsoon floods in India
Earthquake in Malaysia

Here are a few quotes from our partners and those whom we’ve helped:

"The earthquake here in China has opened up many to the gospel, and one church has grown by 600 members in the past two months, 300 joining in the last three weeks!"

"We Haitians are nobody, but you come here and help us…this encourages us and reminds us that God cares about our plight."

"The victims of Cyclone Nargis were so poor and needy that I could not restrain my heart and I gave all that I brought.... But I am exceedingly joyful in all our tribulation."

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