Education Ministry

Education for Impoverished Children

An estimated 70 million school-age children around the world are not enrolled in school. Why are these children missing out on getting an education? The reason is poverty. They either don’t have the money to pay for school, or even worse, they have to work to support their families.

We have a vision to change this. Every month we help hundreds of children prepare for their futures. We do this primarily through:

  • providing full or partial payment for tuition, uniforms and school supplies for Christian families financially unable to meet their children’s educational needs.
  • providing support for Heaven’s Family-sponsored Christian schools that, through our help, can provide discounted or free tuition for their students.

Vocational Training for Adults

Equally devastating are the 862 million adults in the developing world who cannot read or write. Their lack of basic education translates into lack of job skills and the inability to support themselves or their families. We are focused on providing business skills and job training in developing countries, through:

  • the creation and support of vocational training centers that teach job skills to young and mature adults who need better jobs.
  • providing graduated vocational students with grants or loans to help them start their own small businesses.

The Impact of an Education

We’ve been happy to watch as these Christian students grow up and, as their businesses prosper, they almost always give generously to spreading the gospel and empowering others to also become self-sufficient.

A seamstress graduate at her sewing shop that now employees three women from her sewing school

How You Can Help

We are working around the world to help impoverished children and adults acquire the education and skills they need to support themselves, and their families, with a mission to raise up educated followers of Christ who will minister to their poor communities.

For $20 you can send an impoverished child in Kenya to school for an entire month

For a gift of $300 you can support an orphaned, high school graduate enroll in an apprenticeship to learn a trade

A gift of $4,500 can help 100 abandoned street children in Zimbabwe receive a Christ-centered education

Or invest any amount to provide schooling and training opportunities for Christians around the world


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