Food Ministry

Hunger, Starvation, Malnutrition, and Food Insecurities

Food is one of life’s most basic necessities, but sadly, it is in chronic short supply for some members of our spiritual family who are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

For others, short term food insecurity arises due to political and military conflict, disasters, drought, government policies, persecution, and other circumstances beyond their control.

Pictured above is a young Peruvian boy receiving nutritious food and the love of Jesus at a feeding center

How We’re Helping

We are helping to feed the hungry by providing them with food sources that naturally replenish, such as goats that provide milk and meat, chickens that provide eggs and meat, and seeds to plant. Besides nutrition for their families, small business income is generated by selling the surplus.

We are also helping to feed the hungry by providing vulnerable ones such as destitute mothers, children, the sick, and elderly with nutritious staple foods such as beans, rice, corn, vegetables, fruits, and milk.

We are working in poor countries including, but not limited to, Mexico, Kenya, Rwanda, China, India, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Romania, DR Congo, and Nepal.

What a privilege we have to help nourish those who suffer from hunger in the name of our Lord, Jesus!

How You Can Help

Your gift will help to feed hungry and malnourished families in impoverished countries.

A gift of $10 can provide a month of nutritious meals for a toddler in a poor Kenyan village

A gift of $100 can provide a needy family with a mating pair of goats to provide milk

A gift of $500 can feed 20 impoverished families with bulk rice and beans for a month

Or invest any amount to help provide food security for impoverished, hungry Christians


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