How You Can Help

Your gift will help support indigenous evangelists and church planters in other countries, who are already successfully laboring for the sake of the gospel.

A gift of $15 can supply a national missionary in Nepal with 400 gospel tracts

A gift of $100 can purchase a bicycle for a pastor in India, allowing him to preach the gospel in remote areas

A gift of $800 can equip an evangelist in Myanmar with a motorbike to reach distant villages quicker and safer

Or invest any amount to help propel the gospel forward by empowering national missionaries


National Missionary Ministry Pressing Needs

Each month we receive various special requests from our sponsored national missionaries that go beyond their monthly sponsorships.

Pressing Needs FAQ

To ensure that a donation is reserved for a Pressing Need, we deduct gifts before the credit cards are processed the following business day. If a credit card is declined or was entered incorrectly, that donation amount is added back to the Pressing Need.

All projects we present are for people whom we personally know or are people being ministered to by trusted partners of Heaven's Family.

There are a lot of things that need to happen before an update is available for you to receive. You can expect to receive an update anywhere from 2 weeks to several months after the Pressing Need is fully funded. (Some will require more time depending upon the nature of the need and the location, etc.)

Depending on your local cache, on average between 0-2 minutes.

Generally, yes. Your donation will be tagged with a special code in our accounting system that identifies it as earmarked for that particular need. If, however, your gift is given, for example, to provide a certain missionary with a bicycle, and that missionary passes away prior to receiving the bicycle, or if we discover that his need had been met by some other source, we would prayerfully steward your investment to advance Jesus' kingdom in some similar way.

Heaven's Family is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and therefore must maintain complete discretion and control over the use of all contributions. Tax-deductible contributions to all Heaven's Family appeals are solicited as preference gifts. Heaven's Family is fully committed to honoring donors' preferences with the understanding that, under unusual circumstances, such gifts may be used for other charitable purposes.