Orphan’s Tear Ministry

Most children living in orphanages worldwide have one or two living parents. Poverty, discrimination, lack of educational opportunities, family breakups, natural and manmade disasters, war, and other things cause children to be separated from their families. Orphanages can harm children by not adequately meeting their needs, putting them at risk to all forms of abuse, and leaving them unprepared for life beyond the institution.

The Plan

We believe that children belong in families. Our mission is to 1) help children stay in families, and 2) help children get back into families when not. We do this through three approaches.


Picture of reunified family

Strengthening families and communities so that children can stay where they belong.


Picture of boy with his family

Reuniting orphaned children back with their safe and loving families.



Exposing the orphan industry that exploits and abuses children.

You have a part to play

Sponsor a Child

Picture of girl in need of sponsorship

You can save a child by sponsoring them back into a family.


Picture of family in Myanmar

Your generous support makes it possible for vulnerable children to be saved.


Picture of raising awareness

Learn how you can use your voice to help children receive the love and care they need.

What Guides Us

Hear our Story

  • Family: Family is sacred. God created and entrusted families with raising children.
  • Worth: Children are valuable in the sight of God and worth the effort.
  • Love: Love for God and children.
  • Defense: When not in families, children are more vulnerable.
  • Determination: We won’t stop until every child is in a safe, loving family.

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