Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Barbaric Savagery

Rape victims in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Tragically, violent sexual abuse has become a modern weapon of war, used to inflict humiliation and deep suffering upon its victims and, by spreading the HIV virus and destroying women’s marriages and reproductive capacity, the genocide of future generations.

The victims of this methodical brutality, mostly women and girls—but also children, and even babies—bear physical and psychological scars for life, if they survive what for many becomes a pattern of repeated abuse. Many victims find themselves pregnant, carrying offspring of the “enemy,” or discover they’ve been infected with AIDS. Married victims are cast off by their husbands. Unmarried victims are marked and spurned for life. All find themselves rejected by their families and local communities, casualties of war.

Because of our love for Jesus, our hearts cry out for justice against perpetrators of systematic sexual violence and for mercy upon their victims. We serve women and children who have been victimized, recognizing that victims of oppression are among those whom Jesus considers to be the “least of these” (Matthew 25:31-46).

Healing Lives in Goma

Perhaps nowhere in modern history has the practice of systematic, combative rape reached the magnitude of depravity as it has in the greater Goma region in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it has become an entrenched strategy among warring factions. The savagery has become so epidemic that this area has been labeled the “rape capital of the world” by a U.N. Special Representative. Many of our efforts are focused on the many needs in the DR Congo, but are prepared to serve wherever such atrocities are committed.

A special message from the former director of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry


How We Help?

We’re partnering with indigenous pastors, chaplains, and Christian social workers who, often at the risk of their own lives, reach into ravaged communities to help victims not just survive, but blossom through the enabling power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the support of their spiritual family around the world.

Pastor Simeon Muhunga is one such partner. He leads a team of chaplains who help victims in DR Congo find acceptance, restoration and hope. Through their brave efforts, they have established the Women’s Wellness Center, a place where women can receive:

  • Biblically-based counseling, as well as Bible studies where they will hear the gospel
  • Refuge from the conflict, and an environment of acceptance where Christ’s love is expressed through caring staff
  • Vocational training to help victims learn skills by which they can become self-supporting
  • Medical aid and nutritional sustenance

Pictured above are young children from Cindi’s Hope—a ministry that rescues abandoned and sexually abused children in Nairobi and throughout Kenya.

How You Can Help

You can make a difference in the life of a victimized woman or child through your gifts, large or small.

A gift of $40 can bless a victimized woman in Goma with a pair of new shoes and feminine hygiene products

A gift of $50 can provide 2 school uniforms for abused children in kenya whom are often in rags or naked

A gift of $160 can provide a sewing machine/supplies for a survivor so she can support herself and her children

Or invest any amount to help meet the needs and provide healing for victims of sexual violence


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