Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

Widowhood: A Curse?

In developing nations, losing a husband can be a guarantee of lifetime poverty. Christian widows in rural areas of India find themselves laboring 10 to 12 hours a day in fields owned by others just to earn a meager income—and only during seedtime and harvest. Younger Christian widows with children at home find life even more difficult.

Many of the widows we support have been cast out of their communities and families because of their decision to follow Christ. Their own grown children even ignore them. Fellow Christians in their churches and villages share what little they have, but it’s difficult for impoverished people to help impoverished people. These women are among the poorest of the poor in the world. Many live in huts with mud walls, dirt floors and thatched roofs, and may need to sacrifice food for themselves so that their children can eat. These Christian widows have no one to help them; they need our help.

Abandoned Women:
Left Behind

We also assist women who’ve been abandoned and left destitute by their husbands. That usually means that they, along with their children, are left with nothing. Such women share the same sufferings as widows. They can’t meet their family’s most basic needs. But because they are not widows, many Christian organizations ignore them.

Pictured above: Former Muslim, Miriam, was abandoned by her husband and left to raise and support 4 children, while working with the disability of a club foot. By providing her with a small grant, she now has land to grow food and raise a goat for milk, and her son and new Christian family have been able to build her a home.

How We’re Helping

Rather than create unhealthy dependencies, we prefer to offer these saints grants or loans to start small businesses―such as raising chickens or selling produce―by which they can support themselves and their children. When loans are repaid, the money is loaned again, continually helping women rise from poverty.  We also provide grants in other areas, such as: medical expenses, home building or repairs, and trade school tuition. Will you consider helping the “least of these” to become self-sufficient and escape the curse of destitution?

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. – James 1:27 (NLT)

Widows in Moldova have been able to stay warm in the cold winters with firewood thanks to generous donations.

Where We are Helping

We have been able to reach out to women in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, DR Congo, Pakistan, Moldova, Nepal, and others, and we’re looking forward to reaching out to untouched countries where widows and abandoned women face the same plights. We also want to continuously look for opportunities to fund projects that are beneficial to the community and may allow these disciples of Jesus to reach out to their neighboring non-believers.

How You Can Help

A simple gift can help Christian widows and abandoned women become self-sufficient.

$50 can provide a month of sewing classes for a widow or abandoned woman in Kenya, teaching her a marketable skill

$240 can help provide enough monthly food kits to feed a widow or abandoned woman in India for an entire year, ensuring she has enough to eat

A gift of $1,700 can help pay for a widow or abanoned woman in Kenya to attend a baking school for a year, including room, board and childcare

Invest any amount to help sustain impoverished Christian widows and abandoned women


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